Q1: Where can I find my Content Bundle Code?


The leaflet with your redemption code can be found in your VIVE box.


Q2: I have completed the redemption process. Where can I find my free content(s)?


Step 1: Install Viveport desktop app/Steam.

Step 2: Launch Viveport desktop app/Steam after installation

Step 3: Go to "Library" in your Viveport desktop app/Steam


Q3: How do I install Viveport/Steam Client on my PC?





Q4: Why are the free contents provided in the Redemption website different from what were advertised when I purchased my Vive?


Free content bundles are limited time offers. Redeemable contents are based on date of redemption and not date of purchase. Please make sure you redeem your free content as soon as you receive your VIVE.


Q5: My “unlock code” is blank. Where can I get my code?


Please submit an inquiry with below information form via the tab on the right of the redemption page.

1. Redemption Number

2. Bundle Code - You can refer to the Q1 Answer.


Q6: Why did my code activation fail?


Please check the Vive Redemption - Redemption Confirmation email that has been sent to you and follow the activation instruction. If the issue persists, submit an inquiry form with the required information(Please follow the Q5 Answer) via the tab on the right of the redemption page.


Q7: Why can’t I find my redeemed content in my Content Library?


Please check your redeemed content(s) in Viveport desktop client, not on the Viveport website. If you are in Viveport desktop client and still can’t find your redeemed content(s), please refresh the Library by switching to another tab and then switching back and make sure you select “All” from the drop-down menu of the “Filter by” box.


Q8: I typed in my Content Bundle Code but it says my code is invalid. What do I do?


Content Bundle Code is case-sensitive.  So please make sure each letter is entered correctly. If issue persists, please submit an inquiry form via the tab on the right of the redemption page


Q9: Where can I find my redeemed content codes?


Please visit Redemption Lookup and enter required information to look up your codes.